Table and chair Rentals

Table and Chair Rentals

EverBounce Party Rentals offers table and chair rentals in addition to our Bounce House Services.  No matter what type of event you are hosting, it could benefit from having some tables and chairs.  Most parties involve dining, snacks, or beverages for your guests, and you are going to need somewhere to stage these things.  In most cases you will need a couple of tables to stage the main dishes and appetizers, a table for a cake and if it is a birthday, a table for presents as well.  

   Once the stage is set for the party to begin, and the food has been prepared or delivered, then your guests will arrive.  Guests usually look early to find an area for them to settle in and enjoy the party.  They will need a place to leave their belongings and they normally want to ensure they will be able to sit near other guests they know during the eating and socializing that goes on after the food.  Another consideration is the elderly that may attend the event and their inability to stand for long periods of time.  Young guests may run around the whole time, but I know that as the older I get the more I find myself looking to find a place to rest my bones.  The same is true if your party will have expecting mothers, any persons with disabilities, etc.

table and chair rentals

The Truth about Table and Chair Rentals

 The real truth is that table and chair rentals just make your guests feel more welcome, comfortable and it invites them to stay longer. No one likes to stand up against a wall while eating and your nice couch might not want an army of 5-year-olds, eating snacks on it.  For those reasons we suggest renting tables and chairs. The next logical question is what type of tables and chairs should I get.

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The Different Type of Tables and Chairs you can rent.

Casual Events

For Casual events like a BBQ, kids Birthday, family reunion and the like, rectangular tables work best.  Rectangular tables give you the ability to fit many people in a smaller space and provide adequate room to eat, socialize and even leave some room for table decorations.  Your guests will be sat across from each other and allow for easy discussion as you are right across from one another. These are the tables we prefer for most of our events. One of the newest trends is having Six foot tables with spandex tables and LED lighting to make the table and chairs illuminated for evening evets, ask a representative for more information on this trending look.

The chair of choice for these types of events are folding chairs.  These chairs offer great comfort, allow maximum usage of space around a table and are reasonably priced.  We use a heavy-duty folding chair that can support approximately 450 lbs and are contoured for comfort. A big plus about the chairs that we offer is that they feature holes so that in the event of rain chairs do not become puddled with water. This feature also offers a level of ventilation to the chairs which can help on a hot South Florida day.   

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Formal or Semi-Formal Events

For Semi-Formal or Formal Events some people choose to use Round Tables.  There are many reasons these tables are good for this type of event.  Normally the food for these types of events are more elaborate and require additional silverware, secondary plates and often more robust table decorations.  A Circular table offers space in the middle of the table to stage food items, condiments, and centerpieces. These tables take up more space and do keep the guests a little more spaced out than rectangular tables. We rarely use these types of tables and prefer the rectangular.

As for a more formal chair there are normally two choices to choose from.  Banquet chairs are very popular for indoor events and are normally provided when having a party in a hall or clubhouse. In this environment they are great but for outside parties they are rarely chosen.  The other type of chair that has become popular for weddings, and formal type of event are Chiavari Chairs, which are decorative chairs, often adorned with bows or sashes.

Once you have chosen the type of table and chair rental you are looking for you can consider tablecloths, and chair coverings.  For a complete list of our Tablecloth, table decoration, chair covers, and chair decorations visit our Party Linen Rental Page for size options and colors we offer.