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Bounce House Rental

We are the Bounce House Rental professionals.  Choose from a variety of bounce houses ranging from standard bouncers, combo slide and bounce house units, and even water slides. EverBounce Party Rentals is insured, always on time and has background checked employees.  In addition,  we are an approved park vendor in Broward and Palm Beach counties.We look forward to making next your event a memorable moment.     
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Why Choose EverBounce Party Rentals?

EverBounce is owned by firefighters and we know how to create a fun, safe environment for you and your guests. We are a family oriented company and love to create the fun the brings families and organizations closer together.  Some of our customers are looking for a little fun on a Saturday afternoon.  Other customers are planning birthday party’s and celebrations.  We even help Companies and Organizations looking for a way for their employees to blow off some steam and do some team building. Whatever your occasion call us for your Bounce House Rental and experience the EverBounce difference

We pride ourselves on providing clean bounce houses, safe games/activities, and fun foods for you and your guests.  Free setup and delivery is included in our pricing and we are fully insured.  We are an approved park vendor for both Broward and Palm Beach counties.  Our services range from Bounce Houses, Wet/Dry Slides, Dj Services, Face Painting, and Even Cotton Candy Rentals and more.  If you need a place for you and your guests to sit we also offer tables and chairs and party linens if requested.  To take your event to the next level call the party pros and let make some memories. 

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7 Things to Consider – Bounce House Rental

  • What type of bounce House for your event?

Bounce Houses can be enjoyed by children and adults. It is not recommended to have them jumping at the same time though. Have the children go separately from the adults to ensure safety. For very young children a standard 13′ x 13′ Bounce Houses is suggested, or a combo bounce houses with dry slide.  Water slides require more parental supervision but are quite refreshing. Please use these with discretion for very young children and always have parental supervision.  

  • What Bounce House Rental company to use?

The biggest factor when choosing a bounce house company besides being insured, is safety. Make sure a company abides by the guidelines when setting up the bounce house unit for your event? Laws are in place such as deflating a unit when winds exceed 15 mph, and using the proper amount of stakes, or sandbags to secure the ride. Find a company that has checklists and makes you aware of rules and safety points. 

  • What about weather?

This is common issue for us here in Florida.  Manufacturers, Insurance companies and operators agree that in extreme winds you should not setup a bounce house. This one is obvious.  When rain is the only issue a unit can get wet, be deflated during that time and then simply be re inflated when the rain stops. Follow the instructions of that company and don’t let 30 mins spoil the other 4-6 hours of the event.


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Bounce House with Slide
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  • Bounce Responsibly!

Anyone who is intoxicated should be kept out of the bounce house at all times. I say this because I think we all have that one uncle…..

  • Don’t think your too old. It really is fun.

In Florida in August 2019 it is HOT.  Nothing beats sliding down that water slide into the splash pool and the refreshing feeling of hitting the water. Parents don’t just watch your child get in there and jump around with them.It will be a great memory and you might just have a blast. 

  •  Why are prices so different from company to company. 

Some units require more effort to setup, store or transport.  Other reasons could be whether or not the company is insured, whether they background check employees, and properly clean and sanitize their bounce houses. 

  •  What if my condo/home owners association wont let me setup a bounce house?

We get this question a lot from customer living in apartments.  A great solution is having your event at a park. Once you rent a pavilion at the park you can call an approved Park vendor and schedule the Bounce House rental.  The company has to already be an approved Park Vendor, meaning they showed proof of insurance, and that they can provide a background checked attendant and generator to supply power.