Water Slide Rentals

Water Slide Rental

Water Slide Weather is almost here!

The warmer months are right around the corner, and pretty much year round down here in South Florida.  That means that there are always perfect opportunities for waterslide rentals! If you’re interested in renting a waterslide this season, look no further than us here at EverBounce! Our commercial grade, 12 foot waterslide is great for all ages! Its fire red, and will definitely stand out in your yard! Our waterslide rental is a great way to keep the kids cool during the hotter months and give them some great outside action!

            Our waterslide rental unit is 23′ x 9′ x 14′. It can fit perfect in most backyards! Included with the waterslide rental, we bring the hose to you as well! As long as we can place it within 50ft of a hose spicket we can start the fun! Your kids (and maybe even you) will have a blast climbing up and sliding down into the built in splash pool!    

Here are some guidelines for our waterslide rental, we recommend all users be able to swim and that CONSTANT ADULT SUPERVISION is used at all times! Our waterslide is commercial grade, which means it has a “no jump top” to ensure your riders are as safe as possible while preparing to slide at the top of the unit.  Our waterslide rental also has fire safe netting to keep your riders fingers and toes safe! It is also built with a non slip material to making climbing back to the top a breeze for young ones! The Manufacturer recommends a maximum weight of 180 per rider, and no more than one person at the top of the unit at a time.

Water Slide Rentals

 Safety First:

When looking for a waterslide rental company, be sure you’re choosing a reputable company with insurance. Not all waterslides are commercial grade, which means they are not insurable. ALL OF OUR UNITS ARE INSURED AND COMMERCIAL GRADE. Safety is our number one priority when it comes to you’re guest. Our unit has 11 anchor points. We use 18 inch stakes at EVERY anchor point on the unit. This ensures the safest and sturdiest experience possible for you and your guest. With every waterslide rental, we put a tarp under the unit to prevent any unforeseen mishaps from happening due to rubbing on small rocks or anything else that can be found on the ground. We take pride in cleanliness of our units as well, and each and every unit will be delivered cleaned and disinfected!

   So call us today for your waterslide rental and have your next summer event be a blast!

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