Themed Birthday Party

Themed Birthday Party

Is your child’s birthday coming up?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to get it organized?

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We make it as simple as possible

Do it the less stress way, and call EverBounce Party Rentals. We specialize in themed birthday parties. We can do all types of themes from Frozen, Batman, sports, Pokémon, the possibilities are endless!

The first step is to pick which package you want. We have packages that range from basic, to more advanced. Our basic package for a themed birthday party comes with 3 tables, one of which is a cake table, 3 table cloths, 12 chairs, party decorations, plates, napkins, and cups. It also comes with a bounce house for 6 hours! 

We can make your Themed birthday party plan come to life.

If the standard package is good but you want more…. from there you can pick and choose to add whatever you want! Goodie bags, personalized gifts for the birthday kid, plasticware, games, water guns, water balloons, Snow Cone Machines, attendants, specialized decorations, more tables and chairs, and so much more! The possibilities are endless, you ask, we can make it happen!


   With our goodie bag package for your themed birthday party, we supply all supplies needed and even bring the goodie bags all put together. Our goodie bags stick with the theme of the party and also include a few extras! If you choose to want candy or food goodies included, just advise us of any possible allergies ahead of time so we know and keep it safe for all the party attendees!

            Want to know the best part of each themed birthday package? WE DO ALL THE SETUP WORK FOR YOU! That’s right, for no extra charge, we set up the tables and chairs, we set up the bounce house, we decorate for you! You just have to sit back, relax and make sure the special birthday boy or girl is having fun! We make birthday party planning as easy and smooth as possible, so you don’t miss out on the special moments with your child!

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Themed Birthday Party Details:

Prior to our arrival, we will give you a one hour window of when we will arrive. We usually arrive approximately one hour prior to your party time to set up the themed birthday party prior to your guest arrival! That’s right, you can even take full credit for all the work!! We go above and beyond to make sure it is set up perfectly to your liking before our departure.

            For your themed birthday party, our bounce house will arrive cleaned and disinfected ready for your party guest to have a blast! We use commercial grade stakes or sandbags to ensure the unit is properly secured. If you choose to have an attendant, they will supervise the bounce house at all times so you don’t have to! You can mix and mingle around the party with out the worry of having to supervise the bounce house the entire party!

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Book Your Themed Birthday Party Today!

So call us today to book your next themed birthday party. We help make it stress free and as easy as possible for you! No party is too big, or too small. Any theme of your choice we can make happen! So call the themed birthday party experts at EverBounce Party Rentals today!

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